Medical Camp

Natural disasters, poverty, disease, and civil war impact millions around the world. SUFI Trust provides disaster preparedness, medical aid, disaster relief and recovery.

The devastation of natural and man-made disasters brings an urgent need for health and medical care. Hurricanes, earthquakes, pandemic disease, major transportation accidents, and terrorist attacks can overwhelm state, local, tribal or territorial resources.  SUFI Trust provides personnel, equipment, supplies, and a system of partner hospitals that work together with emergency organisations and local personnel to provide care when people need it most.

Every year, globally, several nations were badly hit by the floods that caused serious losses to life, properties and have left millions of people affected. Major rivers in these countries have breached banks, inundated new areas and displaced thousands of people. Hundreds of huts get washed away, and buildings, roads, and crops worth of billions damaged. Thousands of people forced to flee their homes and have taken shelter in school buildings and other public building situated in high lands.

The monsoon rains aggravate the situation and cause widespread damage to live and property of the poorest countries, where 55% of the population live below the poverty line.

The main concern is the impact of floods on the socially excluded and economically impoverished communities. Among them, the women, children, and persons with disability were even more vulnerable.


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