Improved literacy and numeracy skills

         Increased tolerance and mutual respect

         An increased awareness of people’s own and other cultures and faiths

         A strong emphasis on building self-esteem and self-confidence,

•       A raised awareness of health and safety issues

         Reduced street crime and anti-social behaviour

         An added dimension to the citizenship

         Increased accessing employment through training, careers advice

         Local children and young people made new friends, developed social and practical skills.

         Local people gained new skills and qualifications.

         Local people became more involved in community activities.

         We enabled the YP to join local health and fitness activities

         Young people develop their own sports club. 

         We introduced different, culturally influenced activities.

         We enabled YP to mix with those outside their geographical setting. 

•     YP were able to advocate for their own well being and safety concerns.  

         We enabled YP to develop into balanced and well-rounded individuals. 

         YP was enabled them to contribute towards cohesive communities.

         YP developed an ability to express themselves fairly and firmly through the workshops 





Thank you for your support.